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In 14 years, we have responded to the trust of our stakeholders, exceeding their expectations thanks to our vision and way of doing things.

Sherpa Capital SCR, SA

Special Situations 2010

  • 3 Investments
  • 3 Divestments

Sherpa Capital II FCR, SA

Special Situations 2015

  • 6 Investments
  • 1 Minority reinvestment
  • 2 Spin-offs
  • 6 Add-ons
  • 3 Exits + 1 write-off
  • 5 Companies in portfolio
  • Article 6:’No sustainabilitives’

Sherpa Capital Special Situations III FCR

Special Situations 2020

  • 3 Investments
  • 1 Add-ons
  • 3 Portfolio Companies
  • Article 6:’No sustainabilitives’

Sherpa Private Equity, FCR

Complex Buy-Out 2018

  • 7 Investments
  • 5 Add-ons
  • 1 Exit
  • 6 Portfolio Companies
  • Article 6:’No sustainabilitives’

Our commitment is to be more than a financial partner.

We offer support beyond words. Establishing close relationships and being in continuous communication with our stakeholders. We get involved in the transformation process and work side by side for collective success, providing clarity in strategy.



Our spirit of continuous improvement constantly drives us to exceed the norm to achieve excellence.
We tackle complex challenges with flexible solutions for SMEs, providing business solutions that they cannot always achieve on their own.
We encourage creativity and innate nonconformity in our teams, which is why we never rest until we find the best solution.
Our determination helps us meet our goals and yours.


We carry the company in our DNA.

Our origin is business consulting. And it shows. Our strategic sophistication and operational expertise allow us to understand businesses and their potential at a deeper level.

This philosophy not only translates into the active management of holdings, it’s present in each and every phase of the investment process.

We deliver

Understanding the business, beyond the numbers, allows us to maximize return opportunities for everyone and generate above-average value.

It’s not just our way of looking at and uncovering the potential of investments. It’s also the ability to evolve companies, beyond reporting, focusing on real action and results.