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Investment Partner

Javier Casado

Since 2018, Javier is Partner in the investment area and is a member of both the Management Committee and the Investment Committee of Sherpa Capital, bringing over 20 years of professional experience in investment.

As part of his responsibilities, Javier leads the investment strategy and sits on the board of directors of various portfolio companies, including Cristalinas, Espiral, Laboratorios Forenqui, Inurba, Silicoderm Cosmetics, Naturchem, and Omega Spice, among others.

Before joining Sherpa Capital, Javier held managerial positions in the Investment Banking divisions of Alantra and Arcano Partners, where he began his professional career. He also worked at Castellana Asset Management, gaining experience in the investment world.

Javier holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Autonomous University of Madrid.